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About V. Paul Herbert


In his 24 years as an expert Paul Herbert has been deposed approximately 1700 times and has testified in trial approximately 175 times.


Truck Driver

V. Paul Herbert started in the trucking industry in 1976 at 18 years of age, in Plumas County, California; he drove dump truck, water truck, and logging truck. Throughout the following years he continued to haul logs during logging season and the remainder of the year he would haul finished lumber, wood chips, heavy equipment and machinery, sheet and structural steel, fuels and lubricating oils, pipe, etc.


V Paul Herbert truck driver


Nevada Highway Patrolman

In 1981 he became a State Trooper for the Nevada Highway Patrol and was stationed in Reno, Nevada. While employed by the NHP, because of his background as a truck driver, he was given specialized training and assignments pertaining to commercial vehicle safety, compliance, and accident investigation.


In 1985 he returned to work in the trucking industry in management positions where he could utilize both his truck driving experience and his law enforcement experience in accident investigation and prevention efforts.



"Paul is Mr. Truck. He knows the industry from the inside as he has held many positions at several trucking enterprises. He knows the rules applicable to truck, driver, and industry.

"Paul can not only tell you whether an action violated or complied with the written and unwritten rules for drivers of big rig trucks, he can tell you why it was done in many cases.

"I have been impressed with his abilities to explain operations of truck enterprises in a way that a jury will understand and accept."

Del Hovden
Trial Lawyer



Trucking Expert Witness

In 1990 Mr. Herbert created the Western Motor Carrier Safety Institute to provide commercial vehicle safety and compliance consulting services to several small trucking companies. He also routinely testifies in litigated truck, bus, and forklift cases, working for both plaintiffs and defendants.


Mr. Herbert has been deposed approximately 1700 times and has testified in trial approximately 175 times in his 24 years as an expert.


Mr. Herbert provides expert witness testimony concerning the custom, practice, and standard of care in the trucking, busing, and forklift operation industries. He can assist you in identifying the merits of your case.


 truck expert




"Paul is a terrific expert witness in truck, bus and forklift cases. I have worked with him several times and have found him to be very professional and always prepared. I highly recommend him."

R.J. Waldsmith
Partner at Abramson Smith Waldsmith, LLP





Western Motor Carrier Safety Institute

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V. Paul Herbert will assist you in identifying the merits of your case.

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