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Trucking Safety Expert Witness


Trucking expert witness


V. Paul Herbert has over 35 years of experience as a big rig truck driver, in law enforcement, and as a trucking safety expert.

His company, the Western Motor Carrier Safety Institute, Inc., is based in Quincy, California and provides trucking safety witness services in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington. Services include:

  • Trucking safety expert witness testimony
  • Truck driver safety training
  • Safety and compliance consulting
  • Commercial vehicle accident reconstruction

This page includes photographs of Paul Herbert taking measurements and reviewing accidents, and conducting trucking safety training.



trucking safety expert witness
Trucking safety expert V. Paul Herbert:
measuring a driver's eye height on a Peterbilt

The measurement of the driver’s eye height from the ground during an inspection of a big rig while conducting a visibility study.



Measuring underride guard on back of semi-trailer

The measurement of an older under-ride guard at the rear of an older Trailmobile semi-trailer. This was an inspection in a matter involving a big rig crashing into the rear of another big rig resulting in serious disabling injury to the striking truck driver.



 truck driver training
Truck driver training

Conducting winter truck driving safety training utilizing a model tractor-trailer big rig for one of my client trucking companies. I have been regularly training their drivers and have been their safety and compliance consultant since 1990.



"Paul knows his area of expertise but his best attribute is that he is able to handle himself in very tough depositions, is a complete and thorough expert under questioning."

-Kathleen McCaffrey
Attorney at Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, PC


Client testimonials

loading dock inspection
Loading dock inspection

The interaction between a typical truck and typical loading dock which is equipped with a dock leveler.



sliding tandem axle
Bent release handle

A bent release handle on a sliding tandem axle assembly on an ocean-going shipping container chassis. The truck driver attempting to utilize this bent handle got his hand pinched between the handle and sub-frame of the trailer chassis resulting in serious and disabling injury.



tractors semis
"Tractors-Semis over 32 feet kingpin to rear axle not advised"

A warning sign advising longer tractor-trailer combinations from utilizing that section of narrow and winding roadway. In this instance the driver did not heed the warning resulting in his trailer cheating across the double-yellow line and hitting a motor cyclist traveling the opposite direction.



measuring Peterbilt grill
Measuring the height of the grill on a Peterbilt

The measurement of the height of the front grill on a Peterbilt conventional model big rig truck tractor.



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Trucking safety issues



V. Paul Herbert will assist you in identifying the merits of your case.

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(530) 281-6565

Western Motor Carrier Safety Institute, Inc.
954 Butterfly Valley Rd.
Quincy, CA 95971-9613


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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - FMCSA

Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System - SAFER 

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