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In his 24 years as an expert, Paul Herbert has been deposed approximately 1700 times and has testified in trial approximately 175 times.


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V. Paul Herbert, C.P.S.A.
Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety & Compliance Expert

  • Trucking expert
  • Transportation / trucking expert witness 
  • Truck accident & truck driver safety expert
  • Motor carrier safety & accidents—truck, bus, forklift, and other commercial vehicles
  • California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and other western states


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Notice regarding our Insurance Coverage

We have both a Commercial General Liability policy and a Commercial Auto policy with Hired and Non-owned coverages.

This is a huge benefit to our clients because not only is Mr. Herbert appropriately licensed and certified to operate trucks, buses, forklifts and other heavy equipment, but he is also adequately insured to participate in such activities and is able to provide required insurance coverages for accident re-enactment type activities.

Any accident reconstruction activity can be covered by our insurance and we will be able to provide a wide variety of “exemplar equipment” for such events.



"In 32 years of practice I have never had a more persuasive, better expert in any field than Paul. I highly recommend him."

Daniel Sullivan
Sullivan & Ballog, LLP


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V. Paul Herbert and the Western Motor Carrier Safety Institute, Inc. provide trucking expert witness and transportation safety services in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and other western states.

Areas of expertise include motor carrier safety and accidents involving truck, bus, forklift, and other commercial vehicles.

Juries and clients appreciate Mr. Herbert's relaxed, not-easily-provoked manner. 


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With over 33 years of experience in trucking, commercial vehicle safety, and law enforcement, V. Paul Herbert is highly regarded in the industry for his expert testimony. 


"There is no one who knows as much about the trucking industry, and truck safety standards, as Paul Herbert. He is an outstanding expert witness."

Chris Johnson
Attorney at Maranga * Mogenstern


What qualifications should I look for when hiring an expert witness?


"The number one qualification is—'Is this expert really qualified to be in front of a jury and try to explain to them that he actually knows the industry and has experience in the industry, and is not just making up something because an attorney wants him to say something?'


"One of the things that sets me apart from some of the other experts that I work with—in addition to my 30+ years work experience as a truck driver, law enforcement officer, and in safety management in the trucking industry—is that I continue to go to seminars and courses in the area of commercial motor vehicle safety.


"I keep my finger on the pulse of the industry. A lot of these conferences I go to are where the nuts and bolts of the commercial vehicle safety are discussed and industry decisions are made.


"For example the California Trucking Association. I’m actively involved in their safety management council.


"The American Trucking Association. I’m actively involved in their safety management council including being a member of their accident review committee.




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"And then also the North American Transportation Management Institute. You’ll find that on my CV. I’ve been a member for years and I’ve instructed many of their courses.


"I keep abreast of everything that I can that will help me understand more what the industry best practices are—state of the art instrumentation and equipment."



Interview with V. Paul Herbert - September 2009


Here we are documenting the driver's vantage point, using a custom camera mounting system designed by Jerry Goffe, of Goffe Visual Services.






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"Paul Herbert is a rare gem of an expert. Rarely do you find a person who not only has in depth knowledge of trucking rules and regulations but also as actual experience as a trucker and accident investigator. I would not hesitate to call on Paul Herbert again should the need arise. He is a man of great integrity. Paul Herbert is a true professional and a genuine, great person."

Tom Marszewski
Partner at Marszewski & Galvin



About Paul Herbert

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Expert

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V. Paul Herbert will assist you in identifying the merits of your case.

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