“I have represented injured individuals for nearly forty years and have had the opportunity and privilege of working with many qualified experts in cases involving significant injuries and complex liability questions. I can say without equivocation that Paul Herbert is, in my view, unequalled in his effectiveness and knowledge as an expert in trucking safety. In a case just recently resolved following mediation, defense counsel confided that Paul’s testimony in deposition was instrumental in helping the insurer recognize the risk they had on liability issues. This testimonial is written on my own initiative and was not solicited. Paul is self-effacing, modest, prompt and easy to work with and has the high credibility that comes only with extensive knowledge and true personal integrity. His charges are always timely and appropriate. He has a sure touch with people and works well with others, with expertise, but without arrogance. I commend Paul Herbert to my colleagues for your serious consideration without hesitation or reservation. .”

-Law Offices of Randolph I. Gordon PLLC, Seattle, WA

“Paul Herbert is the most informed professional upon whom I have relied for his expertise in all aspect of trucking and the trucking industry. He is “Mr. Truck”; In decades of law practice, Paul Herbert has demonstrated high integrity, consistency, honesty and reliability as a top forensic specialist. Paul tells it like is and he sticks to his guns. He is a credible, powerful teacher in the courtroom with a great depth of knowledge and the ability to explain a subject in understandable terms. Top professional in my book.”

-Richard Alexander – Attorney, San Jose, CA

“Paul is a terrific expert witness in truck, bus and forklift cases. I have worked with him several times and have found him to be very professional and always prepared. I highly recommend him.”

-R.J. Waldsmith
Partner at Abramson Smith Waldsmith, LLP

automotive cars expressway guardrail

“Paul is simply the best. He is a true expert in all aspects of trucking and trucking safety. He is very smart and zeroes in on the issues. He is the first call I make when I have a trucking case.”

-William Smith
Senior Partner and Owner, Abramson Smith Waldsmith

“In 32 years of practice I have never had a more persuasive, better expert in any field than Paul. I highly recommend him.”

-Daniel Sullivan
Sullivan & Ballog, LLP

“Paul Herbert is a rare gem of an expert. Rarely do you find a person who not only has in depth knowledge of trucking rules and regulations but also as actual experience as a trucker and accident investigator. I would not hesitate to call on Paul Herbert again should the need arise. He is a man of great integrity. Paul Herbert is a true professional and a genuine, great person.”

-Tom Marszewski
Partner at Marszewski & Galvin

“Paul is Mr. Truck. He knows the industry from the inside as he has held many positions at several trucking enterprises. He knows the rules applicable to truck, driver, and industry. Paul can not only tell you whether an action violated or complied with the written and unwritten rules for drivers of big rig trucks, he can tell you why it was done in many cases. I have been impressed with his abilities to explain operations of truck enterprises in a way that a jury will understand and accept. I recommend Mr. Herbert highly.”

-Del Hovden
Trial Lawyer

“Paul is very concerned about public safety. He is dedicated to making the trucking industry safe.”

-Jude Basile
Principal / Owner at The Basile Law Firm

man riding on yellow forklift

“I have retained Paul twice as a trucking industry expert and found him well prepared to discuss the technical aspects of the case in a fashion the jury could understand which is not easy. He also testified convincingly with respect to safety issues and custom in the industry. I would, and have, recommended him to my peers.”

-Rich Bertolino
Partner at Sacino, Bertolino and Hallissy

“Paul is very easy to work with and was punctual and reasonably priced. He is creative and a strong advocate.”

-Robert J. Bonsignore
Trial Lawyer

“I retained services of Paul Herbert in several very difficult trucking cases as a trucking consultant. I had very complicated issues dealing with policies and procedures involving operation of trucking companies and federal regulations governing truck drivers. Mr. Herbert provided excellent expertise and helped my clients achieve outstanding results. Mr. Herbert provided great trial testimony and was well received by the jury in of the cases that was tried in San Mateo County.”

-Anna Dubrovsky
Principal at Anna Dubrovsky Law Group, Inc.


“Paul is absolutely my go-to expert in major cases involving ground transportation safety issues. He is a pure pleasure to work with. It is a great comfort to know that you have the best on your side.”

-Brad Hallen
Trial Attorney at Law Offices of C. Bradley Hallen

“Paul is one of the best truck operation and safety experts in California. He has dedicated himself to knowing just about everything regarding commercial truck operations and driver safety issues. You don’t want to be on the other side of the table from him.”

-John Haluck
Commercial General Liability and Commercial Trucking Defense Trial Attorney

“Excellent expert, testifies well and is very believable. He is always on time for site visits and helps the attorney to understand complicated mechanical issues. I would hire him again!”

-Jeffrey Lyddan
Trial Lawyer at Lyddan Law Group, LLP

“Paul knows his area of expertise but his best attribute is that he is able to handle himself in very tough depositions, is a complete and thorough expert under questioning. I have settled all my cases with Paul so I have not had the chance to see him on the witness stand at trial, but I am sure he would be excellent. It has been my pleasure working with Paul for the last ten years.”

-Kathleen McCaffrey
Attorney at Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, PC

“Paul’s understanding of the trucking industry helped us to overcome a comparative negligence claim that could have cost the plaintiff millions.”

-Charles Naylor
Owner, Law Offices of Charles D. Naylor

“I first hired Paul for a very difficult trucking case where there were issues of merging onto a freeway. He did an excellent job and I have used him many times since.

“Paul does a really professional job and is easy to work with,”

-Edward Smith
Trial Lawyer representing injured Californians for 20+ years

“Paul is an expert that connects to juries, he is deeply caring and principled about standards and behavior in the trucking industry, and his passion and sincerity are not lost on jurors.”

-Scott Sumner
Managing Attorney at Khorrami, LLP

“Paul Herbert is prompt, knowledgeable, reliable and very professional. I would give Mr. Herbert my unequivocal support and recommendation as a professional consultant and/or expert witness.”

-Esteban Valenzuela
Attorney at Law at Valenzuela Law Offices

“Paul is a very qualified expert with a great demeanor for trial. He is honest and knows his business as well as anyone. Also, Paul is easy to work with and a good teacher.”

-Claude Wyle
Managing Partner, Choulos Choulos and Wyle