V. Paul Herbert started in the trucking industry in 1976 at 18 years of age, in Plumas County, California; he drove dump truck, water truck, and logging truck. Throughout the following years he continued to haul logs during logging season and the remainder of the year he would haul finished lumber, wood chips, heavy equipment and machinery, sheet and structural steel, fuels and lubricating oils, pipe, etc.

In 1981 he became a State Trooper for the Nevada Highway Patrol and was stationed in Reno, Nevada. While employed by the NHP, because of his background as a truck driver, he was given specialized training and assignments pertaining to commercial vehicle safety, compliance, and accident investigation.

In 1985 he returned to work in the trucking industry in management positions where he could utilize both his truck driving experience and his law enforcement experience in accident investigation and prevention efforts.

In 1990 Mr. Herbert created the Western Motor Carrier Safety Institute to provide commercial vehicle safety and compliance consulting services to several small trucking companies. He also routinely testifies in litigated truck, bus, and forklift cases. He works for both plaintiffs and defendants and has testified in over 200 trials pertaining to truck, bus, or forklift operation, equipment, or maintenance standards.

Mr. Herbert provides expert witness testimony concerning the custom, practice, and standard of care in the trucking, busing, and forklift operation industries. He can assist you in identifying the merits of your case.

“I have represented injured individuals for nearly forty years and have had the opportunity and privilege of working with many qualified experts in cases involving significant injuries and complex liability questions. I can say without equivocation that Paul Herbert is, in my view, unequaled in his effectiveness and knowledge as an expert in trucking safety. In a case just recently resolved following mediation, defense counsel confided that Paul’s testimony in deposition was instrumental in helping the insurer recognize the risk they had on liability issues. This testimonial is written on my own initiative and was not solicited. Paul is self-effacing, modest, prompt and easy to work with and has the high credibility that comes only with extensive knowledge and true personal integrity. His charges are always timely and appropriate. He has a sure touch with people and works well with others, with expertise, but without arrogance. I commend Paul Herbert to my colleagues for your serious consideration without hesitation or reservation. .”

-Law Offices of Randolph I. Gordon PLLC, Seattle, WA