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Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance – CVSA
CVSA is a not-for-profit organization, established to promote an environment free of commercial vehicle accidents and incidents. CVSA is an association of state, provincial, and federal officials responsible for the administration and enforcement of motor carrier safety laws in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – FMCSA
The FMCSA was established as a separate administration within the U.S. Department of Transportation on January 1, 2000, pursuant to the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act of 1999. Its primary mission is to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks and buses.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – NHTSA
NHTSA is responsible for reducing deaths, injuries and economic losses resulting from motor vehicle crashes. This is accomplished by setting and enforcing safety performance standards for motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment, and through grants to state and local governments to enable them to conduct effective local highway safety programs.
Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System – SAFER
SAFER offers company safety data and related services to industry and the public over the Internet. Users can search FMCSA databases, register for a USDOT number, pay fines online, order company safety profiles, challenge FMCSA data using the DataQs system, access the Hazardous Material Route registry, obtain National Crash and Out of Service rates for Hazmat Permit Registration, get printable registration forms and find information about other FMCSA Information Systems.

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)

Federal Highway Administration: MUTCDs & Traffic Control Devices Information by State

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

U.S. Government – Code of Federal Regulations: Title 49

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

“The NTSB is an independent federal agency charged by Congress with investigating every civil aviation accident in the U.S. significant accidents in other modes of transportation-railroad, highway, marine and pipeline. The NTSB determines the probable cause of each accident investigated and issues safety recommendations aimed at preventing future accidents.”

CalTrans Library

Sacramento, CA

“The library’s collections provide current and historical coverage of subjects relating to road and bridge design, construction, and maintenance; building/construction codes and standards; transportation planning and policy, traffic operations, and transportation information systems; air and rail transportation; and agency administration, management and supervision.”

Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library

Los Angeles, CA

“one of the most comprehensive transit operator-owned library resources in the United States” and “the only multimodal transportation library in Southern California”

Metropolitan Transportation Commission Library (MTC-ABAG Library)

Oakland, CA

“An extensive collection of reports, books, and magazines, covering transportation planning, demographics, economic analysis, public policy issues and regional planning in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

University of California at Berkeley – Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS)

Berkeley, CA

“The institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, has been recognized as one of the world’s leading centers for transportation research, education, and scholarship.”

Oregon Truck Safety – Motor Carrier Transportation

“The mission of the Motor Carrier Transportation Division is to promote a safe, efficient, and responsible commercial transportation industry by simplifying compliance, reducing regulatory requirements, wherever appropriate. Preserving the infrastructure, enhancing the private/public partnership, fostering effective two-way communication, and delivering superior customer service while recognizing the vital economic interests of the commercial transportation industry.”

American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI)

“The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), a well-known leader in transportation-related research, is an organization whose hallmark is innovative thinking, critical analysis and uncompormised excellence. As part of the American Trucking Associations Federation, ATRI benefits from the broad support of the ATA and its members.”

Cornell University Law School -Legal Information Institute (LII):Index of State Statutes

Labor an Industrial Safety, Motor Vehicles, Streets and Highways, and utilities and Transportation categories

Northwestern University Library – Transportation Library

“Containing over 500,000 items, the Transportation Library of Northwestern University is one of the largest transportation information centers in the world, encompassing information on all transportation modalities, including: air, rail, highway, pipeline, water, urban transport and logistics. It includes significant collection on law enforcement, police management and traffic enforcement. Its collection of environmental impact statements is one of the most complete in the world.”

Research and Innovative Technology Administration – National Transportation Library

Washington DC

“The mission of the National Transportation Library (NTL) is to maintain and facilitate access to statistical and other information needed for transportation decision-making at the Federal, State, and local levels and to coordinate with public and private transportation libraries and information providers to improve information sharing among the transportation community.”

Penn State University – Thomas D. Larson Pennsylvania Transportation Institute

Transportation Research Board of the National Academies

“The Transportation Research Board engages professionals worldwide in a broad range of interdisciplinary, multimodal activities to lay the foundation for innovative transportation solutions.

“TRB facilitates the sharing of information on transportation practice and policy by researchers and practitioners; stimulates reasearch and offers research management services that promote technical excellence; provide expert advice on transportation policy and programs; and disseminates research results broadly and encouraged their implementation.”

University of Florida – Transportation Research Center

“The University of Florida Transportation Research Center(TRC) was established by the former Florida Board of Regents in 1972 to provide a central point through which transportation research could be performed and reported. “The TRC is also home to the Southeastern Transportation Research, Innovation, Development and Education Center (STRIDE), a USDOT Region 4 UTC.”

University of Michigan – Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)

“The Transportation Research Institute at The University of Michigan is commited to interdisciplinary research that will ultimiately increase driving safety and further transportation systems knowledge. UMTRI is currently operating a research program with $13.7 million expenditures, with funds received from federal and state government agencies, motor vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, and other organizations.”